A Computer Program for Childhood Anxiety?


A new option might soon be available for children who experience anxiety. Computer therapy uses a method entitled Attention Bias Modification to help change a child’s thought pattern when they are exposed to a perceived threat. The program has been shown to lower anxiety levels in participating patients.

Computer Program May Help Kids’ Anxiety – PsychCentral.com


PsychCentral.comComputer Program May Help Kids’ AnxietyPsychCentral.comComputer Program May Help Kids Anxiety … In the U.S., one in eight children suffers from an anxiety disorder, a condition that untreated, often … Perception of Anorexia Differ …


Computer therapy may help reduce anxiety disorder in kids – Zee News


Zee NewsComputer therapy may help reduce anxiety disorder in kidsZee NewsResearchers are pursuing a new method to address childhood anxiety over concerns that one in eight children suffer from an anxiety disorder in America.and moreᅠ» …


Investigating Computer Therapy For Children With Anxiety – RedOrbit


RedOrbitInvestigating Computer Therapy For Children With AnxietyRedOrbitOne in eight. This statistic refers to the number of children who suffer from an anxiety disorder. Researchers studied a new way to address childhood anxiety with … …

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