10 Things You May Not Know about Stress


According to an article in the Huffington Post, April is known as “National Stress Awareness Month,” making today the perfect time to start paying attention to how we handle stress.

Stress, contrary to what we so often hear, can sometimes be a good thing. There’s actually positive and negative stress. While positive stress (the good kind) motivates us and helps us to get our work done, negative stress causes us to worry too much. Good stress helps us to use our time wisely whereas bad stress leads to wasted time spent fretting when we could have been getting much-needed rest or working toward a solution.

The bad kind of stress is what we usually hear about in the news. It’s what is typically linked to health problems and premature aging and weight gain.

This is why so many of us are trying to learn how to manage our stress. In order to live a healthier, more pleasant and satisfying life, we have to understand how to deal with life’s frustrations in a way that is productive and sustainable.

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